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We ensure the safety of both inmates and employees and have robust solutions that are in operation both in Norway and abroad. Innovative technological solutions in radar technology, fire safety, emergency lighting, and other monitoring are tailored to the client's requirements.

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Radar technology

Elotec EloCare sensor technology is already installed in several jails and prisons nationally and internationally. This sensor monitors presence and respiration, and the proprietary solution is based on radar technology and artificial intelligence.
The purpose of the technology is to serve as a tool to indicate potential events. This provides a basis for the correct prioritization of resources for following up arrestees/prisoners. Technology should not replace human contact and supervision and should not be used as a basis for prioritizing or providing treatment.
Since 2018, Elotec has had a framework agreement with the Norwegian Correctional Service (KDI), and Elotec EloCare is now, as a result of legislative amendments to section 29a of the Penal Implementation Act, in ordinary operation in several modern prisons and jails.
Reports show that the technology has already alerted serious incidents in various situations, and that it has contributed to improved HSE conditions for the employees. Experience shows that technology is a supplement and that it does not replace human supervision and contact between detainees and detention officers.
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Fire alarm and emergency light

We have solutions for fire protection of various buildings with wired traditional fire alarm systems, wireless systems and temporary systems that are suitable during the construction period. With a wide product range in emergency lighting, we cover all needs.

Camera surveillance and intelligent flame detectors

With intelligent flame detectors, the entire façade or large rooms indoors can be secured if you want early detection of flames outside the building. Our surveillance cameras make sure to provide crystal clear images both inside and outside.