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ELOFEVER fever camera

Thermal camera that measures body temperature effectively.
ELOFEVER measures body temperature with an accuracy of ± 0.5°C and you have the ability to determine the temperature limit. If the camera detects a temperature in excess of the specified temperature, an alarm will go off.

Several elite league clubs have used this product to meet the NFF's requirements in connection with Covid-19 restrictions. Here you can read about how Elotec measures the temperature at Aker Stadium using ELOFEVER-LS.
ELOFEVER-S has been delivered to Color Line, among others. The camera comes with a tripod that provides optimum height. You can set up the fever camera in areas where rapid temperature measurement is needed, such as schools, factories, shops, etc. ELOFEVER-S has a large capacity and can remember 6000 different faces. For the most accurate fever measurement, this should take place indoors, with no wind. 


ELOFEVER-LS Thermal Dome Camera

The ELOFEVER-LS camera allows you to connect to existing ITV systems as a standard surveillance system with additional facilities.
With thermal imaging technology and facial recognition, the camera measures body temperature without the need for physical contact. ELOFEVER-LS can also be connected to an alarm organ.

Thermal Dome Camera with Metal Detector 

ELOFEVER-L is a metal detector with a thermal camera for fever measurement of those passing through. ELOFEVER-L can be used on public buildings, such as airports and other places where metal detection is needed in addition to fever measurement. 

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