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In homes constructed in accordance with the Technical Building Regulations (TEK) from July 2010 or later, smoke detectors must be supplied from the power grid. Battery-powered smoke detectors are no longer allowed in new buildings unless they are connected to a central device that monitors the units.


JUBILEE from Elotec meets the requirements of TEK 17 and contains a number of functions that provide easy maintenance and efficient alarms.
●    Easily accessible shared backup battery for all alarms
●    Patented function for easy location of the fire site
●    Easy operation – just one button

Full control with the world's smallest fire alarm central!


Depending on the model, Jubilee supports up to 8 or 15 smoke and water detectors divided into 2 zones. By default, both zones are set up for smoke detectors – you can choose whether to configure Zone 2 for leak detectors.

Water leakage

When connecting water alarm VA 100 J on loop 2, Jubilee will also be able to detect moisture and alert leaks.


Associated smoke detectors have built-in sirens, all of which provide an audible signal in the event of an alarm. The EO 104 with its own socket also provides warning with flashing lights.


Jubilee has two outputs that can be used to activate external sirens and/or signal to equipment that can send messages to mobile phones, alarm centrals, etc.


Jubilee allows you to disconnect the smoke alarms when needed, with automatic reconnection after 15 minutes.


Jubilee alerts a panic situation by a predefined number of flips on the switch.

Grunnpakke JUBILEE 8 m/ sentral og 3 optiske varslere

Elnumber: 6204115

Røykvarsler optisk, for 9 V / strømforsyning* EO 104 EO 104

Elnumber: 6204114

Vannalarm for Jubilee *

Elnumber: 6204104

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