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Set up notifications on Android phones

Different manufacturers (Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and more) have their own versions of the operating system. In addition, some manufacturers have battery optimization that prevents some apps from running in the background if they are not often used, or even functions that block notifications from any app (Xiaomi, Huawei and Meizu).

If you are unsure whether the video and description are exactly suitable for your mobile, we recommend that you go to Here you will find updated information about how to secure notifications from Elotec IoT (and other apps) on Android phones from different manufacturers.

The following video shows setup on Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G with Android 12. The Elotec IoT app itself is identical on all Android phones, but exact steps to ensure notifications will vary.

Written description:

1. In the Elotec IOT app:

  1. Click on the gear in the upper right corner after logging in.
  2. Then tap "Notifications" and select "Add push notification." Check the notifications you want to get.
  3. Save the changes, go back and click on "Users".
  4. Select "My account" and "Recovery email".
  5. Enter your email and click "save".


2. Lock the app:

  1. Open recent apps and find Elotec IOT.
  2. Tap the app icon at the top and select "Lock this app."

3. Permissions:

  1. Go to settings and tap "Apps."
  2. Select Elotec IoT from the list.
  3. Tap "Permissions" and turn off "Remove permissions and free up space."
  4. Go back to "App information” and deselect "Remove permissions if app is not being used".
  5. Then tap "Mobile data" and tick "Allow data usage while data saver is on" and "Allow background data usage."
  6. Go back and tap "Battery."
  7. Select "Unlimited."
  8. Go back and tap "Notifications" (at the very top).
  9. Tap "Notification categories" and then click "Alarms."
  10. Tap "Ignore do not disturb."


4. Power saver:

  1. Enter "Settings."
  2. Tap "Battery & Device Maintenance."
  3. Select ⁝ and tap "Automation".
  4. Turn off all the switches.
  5. Go back to "Battery and Device Maintenance."
  6. Tap "Battery" and then tap "More battery settings."
  7. Turn off the "Adaptive Battery" switch.
  8. Go back to "Battery."
  9. Tap "Limits on background usage".
  10. Turn off "Put apps to sleep" and check that Elotec IoT is not in the "Apps hibernating” and "Apps in deep hibernation" lists below.
  11. Go back to "Battery and device maintenance."
  12. Tap "Memory."
  13. Tap omitted apps and the plus sign.
  14. Select Elotec IOT.

NB! Android may ask you to reset the settings. It is important that you do not do this. Check if the settings are configured according to this guide if you are unsure.
After following the steps, you will receive all desired notifications from Elotec IoT app on your Samsung phone with Android 12. Check the settings if your phone is updated to a new Android version.

In certain cases, Android's built-in features can still block notifications. Some of these reasons can be:


  • Power saving mode is enabled.
  • The user is not logged into their Google account.
  • An outdated version of Google Play Services app.
  • App notifications are disabled in your phone's system settings.
  • Background events for the application are limited.
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