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Elotec Ajax

Elotec Ajax

Elotec Ajax is a complete wireless smart home alarm system that monitors your home at all times.
Elotec Ajax is FG-approved burglar alarm in grade 2 and approved as a smoke alarm system according to TEK17. This can give you discount on your insurance.

This is the fire alarm that looks good on the ceiling. It detects both smoke and heat, and all the alarms sound whenever one of them detects fire. The system meets the requirements of TEK17.


You can also get a fire alarm with a sensor for CO (carbon monoxide). This provides the fastest possible warning in the event of a smoldering fire and is recommended in all bedrooms. Experiments have shown that smoke detectors with CO sensors alert fire in half the time compared to conventional optical smoke detectors.

Facts about CO/carbon monoxide  

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless and deadly gas that is formed by incomplete combustion, for example by smoldering fire. Many people think that carbon monoxide is heavier than air, but at room temperature, the gas is slightly lighter than air, and quickly spreads throughout the room. It is thus easily detected by our multi detector with CO detection in the ceiling.

DIN holder for WU 861/ST 861 UB-060-DIN UB-060-DIN

Elnumber: 6202150

Elotec Ajax 2 kombialarm sentralenhet, trådløs ELOTEC AJAX 2 ELOTEC AJAX 2

Elnumber: 6204596

Elotec Ajax 2, 12V kombialarm sentralenhet/hub, trådløs

Elnumber: 6204597

Elotec Ajax Alarm skilt, aluminium, 10*15cm ES 004 ES 004

Elnumber: 6207301

Elotec Ajax Alarm skilt, aluminium, 8*12cm ES 002 ES 002

Elnumber: 6207299

Elotec Ajax Bryter, Enkel LB-861-H LB-861-H

Elnumber: 1420365

Elotec Ajax NVR, 8 kanals NR-861 NR-861

Elnumber: 6300641

Elotec Ajax kamera skilt, aluminium, 10*8cm ES 005 ES 005

Elnumber: 6207302

Elotec Ajax kamera skilt, aluminium, 8*6cm ES 003 ES 003

Elnumber: 6207300

Elotec Ajax kombialarm 4G m/dual SIM, trådløs ELOTEC AJAX 4G ELOTEC AJAX 4G

Elnumber: 6204599

Elotec Ajax kombialarm 6-12V, 4G m/dual SIM, trådløs

Elnumber: 6202175

Elotec Ajax kombinasjonsramme, 2 LBR-2H LBR-2H

Elnumber: 1420361

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