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ElotecniQ - problem solver for apartment buildings

The Elotecniq cancellation switch gives you control over selv-inflicted alarms, so that frying fumes and the like do not trigger a full alarm with subsequent evacuation and call-out. With the Elotecniq local cansellation button, you can stop false fire alarms.


When the system detects smoke, the sirens start in your apartment only. One tap stops the alarm and gives you time to air the room out. If smoke is still present when the airing period is over, the local warning starts again.

With Elotecniq you can also disconnect detectors in your own apartment before work that causes smoke or steam - one press of the button in the normal condition. 



Elotecniq only affects alarms triggered in your own apartment. To ensure alarms to the rest of the residents in the event of a real fire, you can simply stop the alarm three times in a row.



Elotecniq has one button for easy operation and notifies you about the status via clear voice messages.



The unit can be supplied for our wired and wireless systems. These include Elotec Ajax, Royal Z+ and the Elotec M series.

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