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Social responsibility and transparency


Elotec aktsomhetsrapport 2023
2022.06.28 - Etiske retningslinjer for Elotec.pdf
Supplier Code of Conduct ENG.pdf

Elotec AS has always had social benefit as a fundamental philosophy. As a natural consequence of this, Elotec is committed to promoting human rights and decent working conditions both within its own organization and among suppliers.


We have a good collaboration with suppliers around the world, and in accordance with the Transparency Act, we describe here our measures to ensure a responsible supply chain.


In 2021, Elotec developed a Supplier Code of Conduct (SCC) that meets guidelines from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). We are continuously working to ensure that our suppliers comply with this.


In the coming year, we will continue to assess the conditions in our supply chain.


To focus our efforts where Elotec has the greatest opportunity for impact, we have evaluated existing suppliers based on volume, country, and the essential goods and services they provide. This resulted in 23 high-priority suppliers. Fifteen of these have already confirmed that they comply with our SCC and are working further back in the chain.


All new suppliers to Elotec must confirm that they adhere to the considerations described in the SCC. Elotec will further conduct due diligence to identify and reduce the risk of human rights violations and poor working conditions. We will publish our first due diligence report by June 30, 2023.


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