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A consert, conference or handball match will include large gatherings of people. The most critical aspect is early and reliable detection that does not affect the event unless evacuation is necessary. How do we fix?

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Fire alarm

Large ceilings and open spaces mean that ordinary smoke detectors will not sound the alarm early enough. Therefore, the best solution is to use an aspiration detector, which is what de Elotec Aspect aspiration detector provides.


In addition, pyrotechnical and stage shows are something that has previously given organizers headaches for fear of a full evacuation. Aspect Oil revolutionized this, you can find a norwegian article in "Brennaktuelt" about how Elotec "Has found the solution to functional fire alarms during pyro and stage shows".


A service point on the ground provides lower installation and maintenance costs, and rapid detection.

Emergency lights

With us, you get emergency light fixtures adapted to all installations, on ceilings, walls, hung or hidden in the skirting board. We offer armatures with a high IP degree and large pictograms that are suitable for sports halls and large areas. We deliver stand-alone, centralized and decentralized solutions. With a wide range of anti-panic lighting, we provide great solutions where you need it. 



Camera surveillance and intelligent flame detectors

Do you need to monitor and secure your building indoors or outdoors? We have market-leading cameras and software that provide you with crystal clear images and meet your desired needs and level of ambition.


Using intelligent flame detectors,  the façade or large rooms indoors can be secured if you want early detection of flames or heat generation. Among other things, we have secured SNØ ski hall and waste distribution buildings with intelligent flame detectors.  Read the story in Brennaktuelt about when we discovered a fire at ROAF.

Trondheim Spektrum
Trondheim Spektrum

Keep the public safe with addressable fire alarms and emergency lights from Elotec. They have installed Aspect Oil, which separates stage smoke and pyro from dangerous fire sources.

Snø - indoor ski center
Snø - indoor ski center

Here, guests can enjoy skiing all year round, while the resort is secured by aspiration detectors, fire alarms and external fire detection cameras from Elotec.

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