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Every office building lives its own life, which is why we provide you with flexible and elegant solutions for office buildings, making it possible to customize security solutions as desired. With extensive expertise, we provide advice and ensure that solutions are adapted to the regulations.

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Fire alarm and voice alert

Fire protection of commercial buildings requires a good floor plan and flexible adaptations in the event of structural changes. With us, you get reliable solutions and adaptations that are especially suitable for all types of environments and building compositions. Our solutions are adapted to the customer's needs and interior. Black detectors or aspiration with sniffers can provide a holistic solution inside your building. In the event of an evacuation, which is the most critical time for a commercial building, our market-leading voice alarm system will be adapted to the desired use. We know regulations, so ask us and we advise you on the best solution.


Emergency lights

With us, you get emergency light fixtures adapted to all installations, recessed to the ceiling, on the wall, hung or hidden elegantly in the skirting board. We deliver free, centralized and decentralized solutions for all wishes. Hidden solutions such as EloLED mini can be suitable as guiding lights and marking lights in office premises. 


Camera surveillance and intelligent flame detectors

Do you need to secure your building indoors or outdoors? We have market-leading cameras and software that provide you with crystal clear images and meet your desired needs and level of ambition. With intelligent flame detectors, the façade or large indoor rooms can be secured if you want early detection of flames or heat generation. 

Some references

Aker Tech House
Aker Tech House

Technology and the environment characterize the new main hall for innovation and technology at Fornebu. Elotec has secured approximately 35,000 sqm of flexible office space, with fire alarms, emergency lights and telecommunications alerts.

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