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Several cities and towns in Norway are known for their beautiful wooden houses and narrow, pleasant streets. Unfortunately, these areas are very vulnerable, and a fire can quickly spread to large parts of the settlement. Early warning is therefore important.

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Fire protection

Traditional fire protection can present challenges in this special environment. It is often undesirable to have unsightly cables in churches or listed houses, and it can be challenging to gather several buildings in a comprehensive system. Elotec offers a unique concept for internal and external detection and warning systems. Wireless fire protection of entire districts and other areas with dense wooden houses and protected buildings without intervention into the building stock.

Internal fuse with wireless fire alarm

With leading Elotec wireless technology, you get a complete alarm system completely without cables, making installation inconspicuous. The devices also have a sleek low-profile design. Unique features such as ElotecniQ allow residents to take control of their own part of the alarm system and avoid unwanted alarms, and in the event of a fire, the fire brigade can get detailed information about the fire scene for the fastest possible response.

Area protection with intelligent flame detectors

Elotec secures several locations in Norway with fire detection cameras. These act as both heat-seeking and flame-detecting cameras. See report from Dagsrevyen about our fire detection cameras that secure Bryggen in Bergen. Intelligent cameras have built-in algorithms that see both temperature and flames. The cameras provide extra security for both buildings and entire cities, both inside and out.


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Røros town
Røros town

The irreplaceable wooden buildings in Røros are secured both inside and out by Elotec. Wireless fire alarms without unnecessary intervention in listed buildings cover approximately 300 housing units/shops, and alerts directly to the central office of the fire service for extra fast response time. Externally, our intelligent flame detector guards the rock town from the top of the church tower.

City of Bergen
City of Bergen

The listed wooden buildings in Bergen city center are secured with Elotec Ajax. The fire department wanted a system that allows residents to stop self-inflicted alarms and avoids unnecessary callouts. In addition, the exterior of the buildings is secured with intelligent flame detectors.

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