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Shopping malls are a gathering point for many people where evacuation and clear escape routes are critical in the event of a fire. An adaptable fire alarm system and camera surveillance that detects theft or vandalism provide pease of mind for visitors and staff. Often, shopping centers and homes are combined, therefore expertise is required for the use of right equipment for the best possible solution.

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Fire alarm and voice alarm

Shopping centers are often larger buildings with high ceilings, many rooms and often combined as several buildings in one. Here, detection is required in various environments such as connected homes, restaurants with kitchens, underground parking. With us, you get reliable solutions and adaptations that are especially suitable for all types of environments and building compositions. To ensure a good overview, our graphical presentation system Elotec EMX will provide the necessary control over the building.


Our solutions are adapted to the customer's needs and interior. Black detectors or aspiration detection with sniffers can provide a holistic solution. In the event of an evacuation, which is the most critical.

Some references

Vinslottet (the wine castle)
Vinslottet (the wine castle)

Vinslottet is Vinmonopolet's former production facility and bottling plant and has today been transformed into a unique residence and trading house. The building in the heart of Hasle is secured with fire alarms, emergency lights and voice alarm from Elotec.

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