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We set the highest standards for securing our loved ones. With modern fire alarm systems, clear emergency lighting, voice alarms and camera surveillance that captures vandalism, we have the solutions needed.

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Fire alarms and voice alarms

We have solutions for fire protection of small and large schools and kindergartens. Customized solutions with wired traditional fire alarm systems, wireless and temporary systems that are suitable during the construction period. To avoid vandalism of the fire alarm system, our solutions are adapted for use in schools. Manual fire alarms with vandalism covers to avoid a full call-out in the event of mischief. To avoid panic in an evacuation situation, Elotec's voice alarm system will be adapted to the use and type of evacuation.


Emergency lights

With a wide product range in emergency lighting, we cover all your needs. With us, you get emergency light fixtures adapted to all installations, on ceilings, walls, hung or hidden in the skirting board. We offer armatures and central systems that are adapted to large or smaller installations. Whether you need free-standing, centralized or decentralized solutions, with a wide selection of armatures, we will find the best solution together.

Camera surveillance

Do you need to monitor and secure your building indoors or outdoors? We have market-leading cameras and software that give you ready-to-use images and cover your desired needs and level of ambition. With intelligent video analysis, time-controlled recording and various assembly possibilities, we can deliver the desired solution for monitoring areas exposed to vandalism or other places of interest.


Kautokeino School
Kautokeino School

The traditional Sami building culture is simple and practical in its form and constitutes a functional school facility and common meeting place for everyone in Kautokeino - in unique harmony with the nature and the landscape. Elotec secures the Sami building culture complete with fire alarms, emergency lights, telecommunications and cameras.

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