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The most important aspect within hotel safety is evacuation. Many people are exiting through narrow corridors. With early detection, voice alarms and good guidance systems, we ensure good solutions when it matters most. In addition, hotels have different environments such as spas, commercial kitchens, conference rooms and underground parking, all of which we make sure to provide reliable and good security for.

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Fire alarm and voice alarm

In the case of fire protection of hotel buildings, detection is required in various areas such as spas, kitchens, conference rooms with pyrotechnic smoke and underground parking. With us, you get reliable solutions and adaptations that are especially suitable for all types of environments and building compositions. In the event of an evacuation, which is the most critical time for a hotel, our voice alarm system will  be adapted to the desired use. 

Emergency lights

As Europe's first, we have specially developed low-seated electric guiding lights for Britannia Hotel in Trondheim.
We have customized solutions for all emergency lighting needs and a wide range of different armatures and systems covering NS EN1838 and EN3960. Talk to us today for good solutions in emergency and guiding lights in hotels.

Camera surveillance

Do you need to secure the building indoors or outdoors? We have market-leading cameras and  software that provide you with crystal clear images and meet your desired needs and level of ambition. 


Radar technology in hotels

We have solutions that make hotel operations more efficient and increase safety, both for employees and visitors. Contact us at for more info about our solutions with radar technology in hotels.

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