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These are very technical buildings that require quality and reliability. Our solutions within health ensure that everything does what it should do at all times. Elotec has good solutions for various product groups, including radar technology that monitors presence and respiration. Our service technicians offer assistance every step of the way.

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Radar technology

Elotec EloCare sensor technology for healthcare building monitors presence and respiration. A unique combination of radar technology and artificial intelligence measures breathing rate based on small chest movements.


Limit values can be defined and provide the basis for indication. This way, the technology will be responsible for "non-invasive" monitoring of people with the goal of enabling personnel to better prioritize resources and follow-up.


The purpose of the technology is to serve as a tool to indicate potenital events.* This provides a basis for the correct prioritization of resources for following up patients. The technology shall not replace human contact and supervision and shall not be used as a basis for diagnosis or for providing treatment.

*)Elotec EloCare X10 does not intend to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.


Elotec EloCare is not a medical device and should not be used to treat/diagnose/monitor a diagnosis or treat or prevent any disease.

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Fire alarm and emergency lights

We have solutions for fire protection of health buildings with all types of fire alarm system. This applies to wired traditional fire alarm systems, wireless systems and temporary systems that are suitable during the construction period. With a wide product range within emergency lighting, we cover all needs for such buildings.


Camera surveillance and intelligent flame detectors

With intelligent flame detectors, the entire façade or large rooms indoors can be secured if you want early flame detection outside the building. Our surveillance cameras make sure to provide crystal clear images both inside and outside. 

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