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Construction sites have large areas with many potential fire hazards that develop in seconds. Fire alarms during the construction period are crucial to prevent the fire from developing. During the construction period, it is important to have comprehensive security inside and out.

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Fire alarm during the construction period

During the construction period, many subjects are gathered in a place of heat work, the use of tools, lamps and construction machinery. The dusty environment and constant changes in the building stock pose challenges for traditional fire alarms.
Therefore, we have both wireless and wired solutions that are particularly suitable for securing during construction. We recommend that approved fire alarm systems should be used to be able to rely on the quality of the products. 
Elotec Confire is one of our wireless removable EN54 approved fire alarm systems that is flexible and specially made for fire detection during the construction period. With a focus on sustainability, the system can be reused and moved from project to project.

Intelligent flame detectors (IFD) during the construction period

IFD, also known as fire detection cameras, provides exterior and interior fire detection where traditional smoke detectors are not suitable. These intelligent cameras have built-in algorithms that see both temperature and flames. The cameras provide extra security for both buildings and entire cities, both inside and out.

Burglary and camera surveillance during the construction period

Intelligent video analysis (IVA), intrusion security and access control secure the construction site and give contractors a simpler and more transparent everyday life. An alarm can be set to trigger during predetermined events. Elotec's solutions provide greater freedom and full control over the construction site to reduce waste and theft. Our solutions can be connected to alarm receiving stations that provide 24/7 monitoring with security personnel who can intervene live via loudspeakers and video analysis. 


Emergency lights during construction period

Cluttered construction sites can create confusion during an evacuation, which is why we offer simple marking lights that can be moved when constructing buildings.

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