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Wireless Camera System


Can a camera system give you greater comfort, safety and efficiency in your everyday life? Yes – with EloCam you can easily supervise your children's play, risky work tasks, and anything else that requires your attention – wherever you are.

Basic packages:

Consists of four HD cameras, as well as a control unit. The control unit can be supplied with or without a hard drive for recording.


Ingenious solutions:

On one NVR you can connect up to 8 cameras and you can buy both bullet camera and dome camera individually.


Wi-Fi Repeater: 

Now you don't need any network cable; the NVR connects directly to the wireless network.  

More options for viewing

Free app for Android and iOS gives you an overview anytime and anywhere.
You can add multiple systems or single cameras to the app to cover multiple areas.


PC monitor or TV can be connected to the control unit via HDMI for continuous viewing in a fixed location.

Recording capabilities

The EloCam system is, in its simplest form, a monitoring or observation system with no storage. If you want recordings for use as a security system, you can order a basic package with a hard drive or retrofit the hard drive at any time.
You can choose to record video at set times, or only when the camera detects motion. The recordings are played directly from the control unit, or via an app on your phone/tablet/wireless monitor.

Easy setup

The camera and control unit are delivered fully configured and are set up very quickly. New transmitter technology and repeater function in the camera provide very good range and flexibility.

4G router – where you don't have Wi-Fi

EloCam is available with a 4G router that you can use with subscriptions from different mobile operators. In addition, this is brilliant for boats, camper vans and other places where you don't have internet.

Summarized characteristics:
●    HD video quality
●    IR light and filter for night vision
●    Possibility to record
●    Repeater function integrated into camera
●    Easy setup
●    IP66
●    H.265 compression (requires less storage space for better image flow)


Bullet Elocam EC 110 EC 110

Elnumber: 6301497

Elocam kamerasett, komplett m/ sentral inkl. 1TB HD og 4 kamera ELOCAM2.0-1TB ELOCAM2.0-1TB

Elnumber: 6301500

Elocam kamerasett, komplett m/ sentral inkl. 1TB HD og 4 kamera ELOCAM4.0 ELOCAM4.0

Elnumber: 6301460

Kamera, bullet, batteri for ELOCAM4.0 EC130 EC130

Elnumber: 6300547

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