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Elotec Ajax ExTube

Elotec Ajax ExTube

Elotec Ajax ExTube

Faults in the electrical system are the cause of many fires. EloTemp notifies you if the temperature is too high in the fuse box, and ExTube's pressure switch can further warn of activited extinguishing to Elotec Ajax or other third-party systems.



As part of the Elotec Ajax, the extinguishing hose can complement the safety in homes, apartment buildings, industrial buildings, agriculture and all other buildings.

ExTube is maintenance free and lasts up to 8 years in the right environment. The hose contains FM200 gas that is released where the temperature is highest, extinguishing the fire that may have caused the temperature increase.

Slukkeslange med trykkbryter, 1 meter, NC EXTUBE101 EXTUBE101

Elnumber: 6222685

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