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Fire Detection Camera/Intelligent Flame Detector (IFD)

Our intelligent flame detectors give you smart exterior and interior fire detection with a camera. The products have advanced features and logarithms in their cameras for detection of fire and/or fire risk. See report from Dagsrevyen about our fire detection cameras that secure Bryggen in Bergen. 

Locus Emergency 110

Bundled software makes it easy to set up monitoring and any masking areas. In addition, as the only supplier of fire detection camera/IFD, we have integration with the fire department's Locus Emergency  warning system.

Unique range

With an adapted lens, Thermi can detect fires up to 6 km away in clear visibility.

Simple engineering

Design directly in satellite images provides quick and easy overview in the coverage area.

Thermal imaging camera, thermal camera, fire camera - what's the difference?

Our fire detection camera should detect fire, and not heat from a tin roof. Therefore, there is a thermal sensor and smart algorithms in the camera that see both the flame and the heat. This greatly reduces the number of unwanted alarms.


Elotec Thermi secures, among other things

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