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Camera surveillance

Camera surveillance has gradually become available to everyone, but it can be difficult to find the right equipment for the purpose in question. Elotec focuses on facilitating simple monitoring or supervision using user-friendly and flexible systems.
We develop various special solutions when needed. Among other things, camera systems operated by solar panels and wind turbines, where outlets for electricity are not available.
Please contact us for any wishes and requests. We carry camera systems from, among others, Panasonic and Elotec's own range, and are happy to present our full camera range upon request.

Camera surveillance laws and regulations

Any company, institution or private individual engaged in camera surveillance must follow the guidelines that follow from the Law on Surveillance and instructions prepared by the Data Protection Authority.

2TB Western Digital Purple WD20PURX WD20PURX

Elnumber: 6210262

4MP fast dome, WDR, 2.8mm RAVEN-442 RAVEN-442

Elnumber: 6210258

4MP, bullet, WDR, 2.8-12mm HAWK-452 HAWK-452

Elnumber: 6210254

4MP, bullet, WDR, 2.8-12mm, Heater, tøffe miljø HAWK-462H HAWK-462H

Elnumber: 6210255

4MP, vandal dome, WDR, 2.8-12mm EAGLE-452 EAGLE-452

Elnumber: 6210256

4MP, vandal dome, WDR, 2.8-12mm, heater, tøffe miljø EAGLE-462H EAGLE-462H

Elnumber: 6210257

4TB Western Digital Purple WD40PURX WD40PURX

Elnumber: 6210263

Bullet Elocam EC 110 EC 110

Elnumber: 6301497

Elocam kamerasett, komplett m/ sentral inkl. 1TB HD og 4 kamera ELOCAM2.0-1TB ELOCAM2.0-1TB

Elnumber: 6301500

Elocam kamerasett, komplett m/ sentral inkl. 1TB HD og 4 kamera ELOCAM4.0 ELOCAM4.0

Elnumber: 6301460

Elotec Ajax BulletCam (5 Mp/2.8 mm

Elnumber: 6213826

Elotec Ajax BulletCam (5 Mp/2.8 mm), sort

Elnumber: 6213827

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