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About Elotec

We develop technology that saves lives and assets. Safety, social benefit and quality are our main goals, and innovation is our passion. Development is one of our strongest points, and we have our own R&D department that considers nothing impossible. Along with the rest of the company, we tailor solutions to your needs, and work closely with dealers, consultants, installers and insurance companies, among others.

Total supplier of alarm and monitoring

We have dealers from Iceland to Dubai and supply solutions to, among other things, industry, agriculture, apartment buildings, listed buildings and housing. We work purposefully with products intended for the harshest and most extreme environments and are the market leader in this area. In addition to our high focus on quality, our products should also be assembly-friendly and easy to understand.


We have, among other things, developed and sold
●    Fire alarms in more than 100,000 buildings
●    60,000 aspiration detectors
●    Over 1 million point detectors


Elotec manufactures core products at the head office in Oppdal, and also has production at partners all over the world. We operate according to a quality system certified to ISO 9001 by VdS in Germany.

Warehousing and logistics

Our skilled customer center quality assures your order, before a state-of-the-art robot warehouse ensures fast and correct picking of goods. Our own factory and very good ordering routines make us more deliverable than most.


Customers worldwide

If you spot products with our logo where you travel in everyday life, you can feel safe. That means that the building is secured with our solutions. We pride ourselves on securing buildings all over Norway, and internationally all the way from Iceland to Dubai.

Elotec AS

  • 100 skilled employees

  • 8 locations in Norway

  • 29 export countries

  • 1500 dealers in Norway and Europe

  • Business registration number: NO864602452MVA


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Certificate S811038 ISO9001 R2023.pdf
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