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has wide light scattering, making it versatile for coverage of large to medium sized areas. Polycarbonate casing and the version is non-maintained. Can be delivered up to 3500 lm with IP65 housing.


Comes in the following editions: 230V and DALI.


is an armature suitable for high ceilings, centralized. M4 has a unique LED and lens technology for optimal light scattering. It is intended for high ceilings (up to 10 m) and anti-panic lighting.


Comes in the following editions: 24V, 24V addressable, 230V and DALI.


is adapted to the harshest environment with IP66 enclosure. The armature works well as a fixed light fixture and is ideal for garages and industry. Megaled also has a simple junction box for quick assembly. Often used as anti-panic lighting. 1096 lm.


Comes in the following editions: DALI and 230V-AT.


is a powerful anti-panic spotlight for mounting on the ceiling or on the wall. The luminaire gives up to 20 meters height in 1 lux, extreme lights.


Comes in the following editions: 230V and 24V.

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