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DALI armatures



is designed to guarantee operation in the most demanding installations. IP65 class together with a wide range of versions make it an ideal choice in industrial areas. The armature has accessories such as recessed frame and IP65 suspended sign for use as a marking light. Recessed frame works both with guide light version and suspended sign.


Comes in the following editions: 24V, 25V addressable, 230V and DALI.


is adapted to the harshest environment with IP66 enclosure. The armature works well as a fixed light fixture and is ideal for garages and industry. MEGALED also has a simple junction box for quick assembly. Often used as anti-panic lighting. 1096 lm.


Comes in the following editions: DALI and 230V-AT.


is a neat and versatile armature that includes 45cm wire for suspension. The armature has downlight for spot lighting of exits, fire posts etc. Can be supplied with its own pictograms for, among other things, manual reporter and fire hose.


Comes in the following editions: 230V, 24V, 24V addressable and DALI.


is a powerful guide light fixture with a neat design. The armature is available as a recessed and external version.


Comes in the following editions: 230V, 24V addressable and DALI.


is designed to be versatile and meets all installation needs. Signaled is manufactured with polycarbonate casing and methacrylate pictograms to guarantee a range of 24 meters. The armature has mounting kit for flag, wall and ceiling mounting as standard. The emergency light also comes with accessories such as a recess frame and mounting bracket for a hidden box.


Comes in the following editions: 230V, 24V, 24V addressable and DALI.


has a reading distance of 48 meters, which means that this armature fits well in places with large distances such as schools. Supplied with exterior and recessed mounting.


Comes in the following editions: 230V, 24V, 24V addressable and DALI.


Eloled Mini is smaller than most downlights but provides unparalleled light scattering with corridor and area lens. The Eloled Mini is a flexible armature that comes in several versions. Suspended signs com as an option with a reading distance of 21 meters. Available both as recessed and external.


Comes in the following editions. Corridor/area, DALI, 230V, 24V and 24V addressable.


has wide light scattering which makes it versatile for coverage of large to medium sized areas. Polycarbonate housing and version are non-maintained. Can be delivered up to 3500 lm with IP65 housing.


Comes in the following editions: 230V and DALI.

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