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Elotec IoT - Help

Here you will find useful tips on how to use your Elotec IoT alarm transmitter and app.

Configure Elotec IoT alerts on your phone

The Elotec IOT app gives you an overview of all events from ELO-IOT alarm transmitters. The app gives you access to all the outputs on the ELO-IOT transmitter and creates a log so that you have full control over previous alarms and events. Below, you will find a walkthrough of how to secure notifications from the app on your smartphone.
The Elotec IoT app needs permission from your phone to notify you about alarms and events. You set this up after downloading and installing the app. You can choose to get three types of alerts from Elotec IoT:
Alarms – sent when an alarm event is triggered. 
Problems – sent when there are communication errors, service code at the fire alarm central or similar. 
Information – general, not critical information about changes or events.
Follow the description for iOS or Android to log into the app and set it up so you can rest assured that you will be notified on your mobile.

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