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The next level of safety

The next level of safety

Contactless respiration sensor for prevention of unwanted incidents in jails and prisons

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Elotec EloCare identifies respiration, movement and presence using radar technology and artificial intelligence, and is currently being used as a surveillance system in a number of prisons, jails and psychiatric institutions in Norway and abroad. Experience has shown that Elotec EloCare has enabled officers and personnel to identify developing emergencies and made it possible for them to respond to situation would have been detected.

The technology

A unique combination of radar technology and artificial intelligence measures vital signs like respiratory rate based on small movements in the torso.  Threshold values for respiration rate and movement can be defined, provide a basis for notifying personnel. In this way, the technology provides non-intrusive surveillance of detainees and inmates with the goal of enabling personnel to better prioritize resources and follow-ups.

The solution

In order to safeguard the detainees and prisoner´s health and safety, visual inspections and manual control must be carried out. Contactless vital sign monitoring of respiration and movement enables officers and personnel to be notified about situations that should be investigated further and may reduce the risk to inmates and personnel in between inspections and follow-ups.


Elotec EloCare can increase the safety in jails and prisons between physical inspections, and thereby contribute to better HSE conditions for officers and personnel.

The Elotec EloCare sensor

The sensor is designed for installation in the ceiling of both new and old buildings, and is of comparable size to a smoke detector. Elotec EloCare ensures continuous surveillance, of respiration, movement and presence.

  • IK10 Resistant against mechanical impact
  • IP66 Dust & waterproof
  • Anti-ligature design - no ligature points to increase safety and prevent self harm
  • Vandalproof


For data sheet and other technical information, please e-mail us

The software

Elotec EloCare software is provided with a simple graphical user interface, and can be integrated with existing control systems through an API.


  • Open REST API
  • Adjustable respiratory rate threshold
  • Available on desktop and handhold devices



Since 2018, Elotec has had a framework agreement with the Norwegian Correctional Service (KDI), and Elotec EloCare is now, after a prerequisite amendment to the Execution of Sentences Act § 29a, put into ordinary operation at several modern prisons and jails. Reports show that the system has already notified of serious incidents in various situations, and that it has contributed to improved HSE conditions for the employees. Experience shows that the technology is a supplement and that it does not replace human supervision and contact between personnel and inmates. The system acts as an important tool to ensure the safety of the detainees, and has lowered cognitive stress and overload for employees in demanding situations.

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