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Securing industrial buildings requires products that can handle all environmental conditions. Whether it's corrosive gases, moisture, dust or temperature fluctuations. Since 1992, we have developed products for barns, aquaculture, heavy industry and other demanding projects. Therefore, you can rest assured that our solutions tackle all challenges.

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Fire alarm

Fire protection in industry and warehouses can present several challenges such as high ceilings, dusty environment, pressure and temperature differences as well as cold storage where cold and humidity are important factors. Our core product Elotec Aspect has since 1992 been placed in Scandinavian barns with the toughest environmental challenges you can have. This gives us the benefit of being able to deliver cost-effective and reliable solutions everywhere.


In-house developed software systems such as PipeDraw and Aspect Tool B provide good control of planning and maintenance. A single service point at working height results in lower installation and maintenance costs. 


If the project requires wireless or wired systems, we will solve this. Examples of various industrial buildings we have secured all over the world include cold stores, ski halls, silos, waste buildings, fish farming, paper mills, welding workshops, logistics buildings and the like.


Emergency lights

With us, you get emergency light fixtures adapted to all installations, on ceilings, walls, hung or hidden in the skirting board. We offer armatures with a high IP rating that are suitable for industry. We deliver independent, centralized and decentralized solutions


Camera surveillance and intelligent flame detectors

Do you need to secure your building indoors or outdoors? We have market-leading cameras and  software that provide you with crystal clear images and meet your desired needs and level of ambition. With intelligent flame detectors,  the façade or large rooms indoors can be secured if you want early detection of flames or heat generation. In industrial buildings there are fire hazards associated with works, here we have, for example, secured SNOW ski hall and waste distribution buildings with Intelligent flame detectors.  Read the story about when we discovered a fire at ROAF.

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Norsk Kylling
Norsk Kylling

Norsk Kylling is Norway's largest chicken factory, and the world's most climate-friendly and advanced slaughterhouse and processing plant for more responsibly produced chicken. The plant represents a significant investment in food production and agriculture, throughout the white meat value chain. Norsk Kylling is secured with dozens of Elotec Aspiration detectors, fire alarms and graphical presentation systems.

Posten Bring logistics center, Tromsø
Posten Bring logistics center, Tromsø

The new logistics center is characterized by modern and sustainable solutions, and consists of a postal terminal, administration and freight hall. The building is the largest logistics center in all Northern Norway and is secured by fire alarms and emergency lights from Elotec.

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