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Combined armatures



covers most areas of use. The armature can be used as both a guide light and a marking light, and the solid polycarbonate housing is ready for all environments. Cable introduction with pre-mounted nipples, O-ring on the screws. Reflector plate is hinged for easy access to connections. Pictograms are enclosed for use as marking lights.


Comes in the following edition: 230V.


is designed to guarantee operation in the most demanding installations. IP65 grade along with a wide range of versions make it an ideal choice in industrial areas. The armature has accessories such as recessed frame and IP65 suspended sign for use as marking lights. Recessed frame works both with guide light version and suspended sign.


Comes in the following editions: 24V, 24V addressable, 230V and DALI.


Comes with IP 65 and IK 08 housings that make the armature both dustproof and able to withstand flushing from all sides. IK 08 makes the armature resistant to powerful impact. The armature is approved for category 3 according to ATEX 94/9/EC, which means that the armature can be used in areas that are occasionally exposed to explosive gases.


Comes in the following editions: 24V addressable and 230V-ST.


Eloled Mini is smaller than most downlights but provides unparalleled light scattering with corridor and area lens. The Eloled mini is a flexible armature that comes in several versions. Suspended signs come as an option with a reading distance of 21 meters. Available both recessed and external.


Comes in the following editions: Corridor/Area, DALI, 230V, 24V and 24V addressable.

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