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Whether the apartment building has 6, 60 or 160 residential units, joint warning and early detection are the most important aspects. We have patented solutions that give residents the freedom to avert callouts, as well as solutions to satisfy all requirements. Both wireless and wired fire alarm, sensor technology, camera surveillance, and emergency lighting.

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Fire alarm

We provide you with solutions for fire protection of all types of apartment buildings. With a wide product range, you get what you need from traditional wired fire alarm systems, wireless systems and temporary systems that are suitable during the construction period.

ELOTECNIQ – safe and simple

This problem solver gives residents the freedom to stop self-inflicted alarms.
Residents are given time to vent smoke, alarms only go off in one apartment, and no one needs to evacuate when the situation is under control. 

Emergency lights

With us, you get emergency light fixtures to customize any installation – on the ceiling, on the walls, suspended, or hidden in the skirting board. We deliver stand-alone, centralized and decentralized solutions.

Camera surveillance and intelligent flame detectors

Do you need to secure your building indoors or outdoors? We have market-leading cameras and software that provide you with crystal clear images and meet your desired needs and level of ambition. 

With intelligent flame detectors, the façade or large rooms indoors can be secured if you want early detection of flames or heat generation.


The buildings with the unique architecture and fantastic location centrally located on Bjørvika are secured with fire alarm and emergency lights from Elotec.

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