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Emergency lights

Elotec supplies energy-saving LED armatures - both guiding and marking lights. We also offer illuminated signs and guidelines. Adequate lighting and marking in an emergency can be crucial for the development of the situation. Lack of light at grid outages can lead to panic and distort evacuation and rescue efforts.


Anti-panic lighting, guiding lights in escape routes and good marking of exits and extinguishing/rescue equipment constitute a simple and effective life-saving measure.

Anti panikk lyskaster, AT, NM, IP65, 2300 lumen PANILED-H-AT PANILED-H-AT

Elnumber: 6620843

Arbeidslys med etterlysende effekt, 25M, IP65, 300W ELOGUIDE25 ELOGUIDE25

Elnumber: 6202139

Batteri ELOLED-Mini F (3t), 3,6V 1500mAh, High temp. ELOLED-MBA-F ELOLED-MBA-F

Elnumber: 6301510

Batteri ELOLED-Mini R (3t), 3,6V 1500mAh, High temp. ELOLED-MBA ELOLED-MBA

Elnumber: 6301509

Batteri EloLED-W2, 4.8V 1800mAh NiCd ELOLED-W2BA ELOLED-W2BA

Elnumber: 6301511

Batteri EloLed-W, 4.8V 1800mAh NiCd ELOLED-WBA ELOLED-WBA

Elnumber: 6301512

Batteri for EloLight, 4,8V 800mAh NiMh ELOLIGHT-GBA-C ELOLIGHT-GBA-C

Elnumber: 6301513

Batteri for EloLight, 4,8V 800mAh NiMh ELOLIGHT-GBA-F ELOLIGHT-GBA-F

Elnumber: 6301514

ELOLIGHT monteringsbrakett, ENDE EL-MB-E EL-MB-E

Elnumber: 6605905

ELOLIGHT monteringsbrakett, TAK EL-MB-C EL-MB-C

Elnumber: 6605903

ELOLIGHT monteringsbrakett, VEGG EL-MB-W EL-MB-W

Elnumber: 6605904


Elnumber: 6620213

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