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Radar technology

Elotec EloCare is a welfare technology solution that measures vital parameters using radar and artificial intelligence.


EloCare is developed by Elotec in Norway and is based on radar technology that is able to measure and interpret all movements in a room, all the way down to microscopic movements in the chest of a person who is asleep or unconscious. The system alerts when such movements cease or fall below certain thresholds, and presents clear and direct information to security personnel. This allows employees to capture abnormal situations and carry out closer inspections and measures.


World first

The system is equipped with cutting-edge technology and unique features of which Elotec, to our knowledge, is the only provider. As the first supplier in the world in several of our segments, we have built a solid experience with customized user-friendly solutions.


Facsimile from Adresseavisen

Elotec EloCare in prisons and custody cells

The EloCare system's intention is to give employees peace of mind by knowing that inmates in closed rooms are under constant supervision, even between mandatory inspections. In the context of incarceration, Elotec EloCare aims to identify presence by means of movement and breathing, without determining the cause of changes in these parameters. The intention is to help employees prioritize supervision and follow-up of inmates, based on life signs and movement.


Already installed in several countries

Elotec EloCare has already been installed in several prisons and jails in Norway and other countries. We work continuously with new projects, and the demand is high both domestic and world wide.


Elotec EloCare in health and caregiving

We intend to assist employees in streamlining and prioritizing the use of resources for patients at various types of institutions, including nursing homes and care homes. EloCare allows for continuous monitoring of vital things and other parameters, but should not yet be used to diagnose or treat disease, and does not replace human contact or examinations by medical personnel.


Elotec can offer integration solutions that talk to existing systems, as well as adaptations and completion of new technological solutions. Elderly care currently has a large degree of home services due to the Norwegian quality reform of 2018. By using Elotec EloCare, is it possible to let the elderly and those in need of care stay at home as long as they wish. 


*Elotec EloCare X10 does not intend to diagnose, treat or prevent illness.


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