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Emergency lighting panels


Elotec CBS-A300

This is an addressable centralized emergency lighting panel that provides 24V power supply for guide lights, marking lights and information signs. The entire system as well as individual light fixtures are easily controlled, monitored and adjusted via a web browser. The control panel only needs two conductors for power supply and communication between the fixtures.

The Elotec CBS-A300 is also equipped with automatic periodic testing that guarantees safe operation and optimized functionality at all times. This is an effective emergency light option that means you don't have to perform a manual test/check every month. There is also no need for at battery replacement in each fixture, which will save costs for the building owner in the long term compared to conventional systems.

Power supply: 230 V
Communiciation: Modbus
Function: 24V light central, 300W
Degree of enclosure: IP30


All in one cable - both supply and communication. Built-in tension guard at 8 rates. Integrated web server - can be controlled from PC/pad/browser.

Elotec CBS-100/300

The Elotec CBS family provides power supply for emergency lights, signal lights and siren lights at 24 VDC. Elotec CBS can be connected to both MODBUS and BACNET protocols. The emergency lighting control panel is manufactured in accordance with EN 50171. In addition to real-time verification, the central performs several tests according to the selected settings.


You can choose the mode for each of the central's four outputs:

  • Non-permanent mode (lights up only in the event of a power outage).
  • Permanent mode (lights up regardless of status on).

Operating voltage: 230 V
Communication: Modbus
Degree of enclosure: IP30


You can connect a maximum of 80 armatures at each central. Comes in 100W/300W. 4 built-in voltage guards. The 24V system makes the control panel more reliable and provides a lower price.

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