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Since 1992, Elotec has handled the toughest challenges, with innovative alarms and monitoring in agriculture. We have developed fire alarms, emergency lights and sensor technology specially adapted for the farmer, gardener and other farmers. Our equipment must be reliable, cost-effective and able to withstand all kinds of environments.

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Fire alarm 

Our core product Elotec Aspect has been placed in Scandinavian barns and nurseries since 1992, with the toughest environmental challenges one can have. This experience provides safe, cost-effective and reliable solutions. 

Animal rooms

Agriculture places special demands on the fire alarm system. After solving the challenge of the harsh environment in animal rooms, we introduced our first aspiration detector, which in many facilities has operated without interruption for more than 15 years! The product has been further developed, and today's version has even higher performance – without compromising the characteristics that have made it so suitable for harsh environments.



As is well known, horticulture are often highly flammable due to the extensive use of plastics, glass and portable storage boxes, insulation and potting soil. There are also large electrical installations in the form of automation and lighting – which also create the necessary heat. 


Automatic transport systems and ventilation spread fire gases and burning material around adjacent buildings. Early warning in the event of a fire is therefore essential.


Elotec has seen the challenges in detecting smoke in nurseries where dust, pollen and high relative humidity can affect equipment that is not adapted to the conditions. Limited smoke spread can also be a challenge in some nurseries, as the shade curtains prevent smoke transport up to the ridge, where point detectors are normally installed.


In-house developed software systems such as PipeDraw  and Aspect Tool B  provide good control of planning and maintenance. A single service point at working height results in lower installation and maintenance costs.

Sensor technology 

The smart barn of the future is evolving. The sensors in Elotec's EloRa system can provide more opportunities for modernization of agriculture.  EloTemp is a sensor that monitors the fuse boxes on the farm. 2 out of 3 agricultural fires start in the electrical system. Every three years there is a statutory electrical inspection that can reveal fire traps in fuse boxes, but what happens in the meantime? Here, the EloTemp temperature sensor will take care of and alert you in case of temperature increase. See Gjensidige's investment in EloTemp.

Elotec Bolus – Smart monitoring of cattle

The system uses sensors and artificial intelligence to predict events related to health, rut and calving for the animals. The amount of information collected affects how precise the predictions are, which helps the farmer manage the livestock 24/7.  Read more about Bolus and other sensors here.


Radar technology

Elotec's radar technology monitors and analyses animal welfare through radar technology and artificial intelligence. Contact us for more information. 

Emergency lights

With us, you get emergency light fixtures adapted to all installations, on ceilings, walls, hung or hidden in the skirting board. We offer armatures with a high IP rating that are suitable for agriculture. We deliver stand-alone, centralized and decentralized solutions.

Hoel Gård
Hoel Gård

The manor house Hoel is idyllically situated right by lake Mjøsa, in a landscape that is colloquially referred to as "Norway's Tuscany". Chicken, grain and potatoes are produced here, in addition to the farm hosting small and large convivial events. Hoel Gård is part of "De historiske" (“The Historical”), and Elotec secures the cultural-historical framework with both fire alarm systems and new sensor technology.

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