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Voice ES 801

ES 801 is an advanced conventional fire alarm central with 8 zones.
The control panel is designed according to Elotec's own Elektrolego principle for easy installation and service and is equipped with several functions that are otherwise only found on addressable fire alarm centrals. Sirens can be operated from a detector loop, and control panels can be addressed to achieve sectional operation.
Up to 9 compact control panels can be connected – so that each zone can have its own operation, as well as one panel for operating the entire system. This makes the system very suitable for buildings with multiple residential units and/or business premises. On farms, the same function can be used for the main housing and any rental sections. 
Alarm transmitters, alarm organs and controls can be connected to the alarm loop for very easy installation.

ASPECT 2010 Grizzle B/C for ES 801/601 AE2010G-V AE2010G-V

Elnumber: 6207216

ASPECT 2010 Grizzle B/C for Elotec-Flex AE2010G-F AE2010G-F

Elnumber: 6243181

Betjeningspanel for ES 801 CPD ES 801 P CPD ES 801 P CPD

Elnumber: 6207251

Betjeningspanel for Voice ES 801 ES 801 P ES 801 P

Elnumber: 6207250

Detektorsokkel DB 750 DB 750

Elnumber: 6207303

Elotec Voice brannsentral, konvensjonell ES 801 CPD ES 801 CPD

Elnumber: 6207287

Resetnøkkel for MM 001-MM 003 (10pk) SC070 SC070

Elnumber: 6207274

Røykdetektor optisk EO 007 EO 007

Elnumber: 6207282

Sikringssett AE2010 + ES 801 CPD (10 av hver) GS 2010 GS 2010

Elnumber: 6207290

Sikringssett EA 201 + ES 601 (12 glassikr.) GS 012 GS 012

Elnumber: 6207289

Sokkelsirene 24 V sløyfe-/sirenekurs KORPORAL 2 KORPORAL 2

Elnumber: 6201374

Survey kit FLEX-SK FLEX-SK

Elnumber: 6210349

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