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Elotec Confire is an EN54 approved wireless fire alarm system specially developed for fire detection during the construction period. 
During the construction period, many disciplines are gathered in a place with heat work, the use of tools, lamps and construction machinery. The dusty environment and constant building changes pose challenges for traditional fire alarms.


Elotec Confire is flexible, movable, and easy to program. Each system can have up to 240 wireless devices connected in mesh networks that provide very good range. The system has up to 8 zones. You program the system easily via USB. 

The system includes smoke and heat detectors, manual fire and first aid alarms, as well as modules for control and integration. Manual alarms can conveniently be mounted on custom trolleys with fire instructions and space for first aid equipment and fire extinguisher.

Please contact us for more information or offers.

Elotec ConFire I/O modul CONF-GPIO CONF-GPIO

Elnumber: 6207316

Elotec ConFire basestasjon, EN54 ELOTEC CONFIRE ELOTEC CONFIRE

Elnumber: 6207286

Elotec ConFire integrasjonsenhet CONF-INT CONF-INT

Elnumber: 6207317

Elotec ConFire manuell melder CONF-CP CONF-CP

Elnumber: 6207271

Elotec ConFire optisk røykdetektor CONF-OPT CONF-OPT

Elnumber: 6207281

Elotec ConFire tralle CONF-TRLY CONF-TRLY

Elnumber: 6207313

Elotec ConFire varmedetektor CONF-HEAT CONF-HEAT

Elnumber: 6207318

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