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Royal Z+

Royal Z+

Elotec's wireless professional alarms have now reached their third generation. The EN54-approved Royal Z+ covers the need for most objects.
Advanced wireless technology provides systems that are flexible and easy to assemble. Without cables, the system becomes less visually unsightly than traditional systems, and appealing design makes a satisfactory whole.
Royal Z+ has received a lot of attention in several circles, and has been chosen to secure, among other things, the listed wooden houses in the center of Røros, the island community at Grip near Kristiansund, Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum and many apartment buildings.

The Royal Z+ is the first wireless fire alarm system to be FG approved under EN54 for use in commercial buildings, which makes it an equal of wired systems.


This makes it easy to choose the Royal Z+ at installations where it is impractical or undesirable to pull cables, or in cases where particularly fast installation is required.

The control panel is compact and supports up to 240 wireless devices as standard. Talk to us for information on combining systems for larger facilities.

Wizards directly in the control panel make it easy to configure the system – without any special equipment.

The range can be extended using radio repeaters and intelligent antennas.

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