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Wireless alarm system

Here you find the Elotec Ajax product range. We now also have Elotec Ajax Hybrid, which allows you to combinate wireless and cabled units.

CO detektor for Elotec Ajax, trådløs WA-864-CO WA-864-CO

Elnumber: 6243237

DIN holder for WU 861/ST 861 UB-060-DIN UB-060-DIN

Elnumber: 6202150

Elotec Ajax 2 kombialarm sentralenhet, trådløs ELOTEC AJAX 2 ELOTEC AJAX 2

Elnumber: 6204596

Elotec Ajax 2, 12V kombialarm sentralenhet/hub, trådløs ELOTEC AJAX 2-12V ELOTEC AJAX 2-12V

Elnumber: 6204597

Elotec Ajax Alarm skilt, aluminium, 10*15cm ES 004 ES 004

Elnumber: 6207301

Elotec Ajax Alarm skilt, aluminium, 8*12cm ES 002 ES 002

Elnumber: 6207299

Elotec Ajax Bryter, Enkel LB-861-H LB-861-H

Elnumber: 1420365

Elotec Ajax Hybrid (4G)


Elotec Ajax TurretCam (5 Mp/2.8 mm) CPT-528 CPT-528

Elnumber: 6213848

Elotec Ajax TurretCam (5 Mp/2.8 mm), sort CPT-528-B CPT-528-B

Elnumber: 6213849

Elotec Ajax TurretCam (5 Mp/4 mm) CPT-540 CPT-540

Elnumber: 6213842

Elotec Ajax TurretCam (5 Mp/4 mm), sort CPT-540-B CPT-540-B

Elnumber: 6213843

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